Welcome to Black Diamond Charities

BacPacs for Kids Program

Black Diamond Charities provides underprivileged children with BacPacs filled with school supplies. These school supplies include Crayons, Pencils, Pens, Paper, Notebooks, Scissors, Markers, Erasers and so on. In some cases Graph paper and Calculators.

A child prepared with the necessary tools for school will help to improve his or her:

  • Self Confidence
  • Tests Scores
  • Absenteeism

& Put a Smile on Their Faces

Veterans Program

Transitioning from Military life to Civilian life isn’t as easy as it seems. Through our program we teach a course in Project Management. The course teaches the student the tools and techniques that team members need to make the project team successful.

Vets Program 2016


It benefits them by helping to set goals for their transition. It also promotes motivation, confidence and leadership. We need your help to continue this beneficial program for “Our Veterans”.

It is a promise of hope, of caring, of example, of strength to go forward and excell as best as we can.

Freedom is truly not Free!