Become a Black Diamond Sponsor

Sponsor a Veteran

Through our transitioning program our Veterans can learn to set goals and realize the skills that are needed to acheive a successful transition. This takes place through our project management course which focuses on Leadership, Communication and Planning. This program is so vital for these men and women to realize the value their service and sacrifice have done on our behalf.

The cost to provide each veteran training in this course would average $100. This course is FREE to each veteran who makes the commitment to attend the training. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. The cost covers the materials necessary for the class. The trainers graciously donate their time and energy to support our veterans.

Sponsor a BacPac’r

Black Diamond Charities collects BacPacs and fills them with basic supplies such as: crayons, pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, and so on. With family and friends these packs are then distrubuted to those students in need. A small note of encouragement will be included in the pack. Our pacs will to go to Illinois, North Carolina and Florida this year.

Each complete BacPac costs approximately $30. Won’t you please consider sponsoring a BacPac or two with Black Diamond Charities. The recipients could be the child of a sick parent, a neighbor who lost their job, a single parent, a child of our Military Men and Women or even a family member of your own. Please won’t you help!