See How You Can Make a Difference

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School supplies such as: notebook paper, pink erasers, folders, graph paper, etc. are ALWAYS needed.


Organize a Fundraising Event

Black Diamond Charities is always looking for new events that will benefit “Our Veterans and Our Kids”. Golf tournaments, fraternity and sorority events to boy scouts and girl scouting events, any event can help raise funds and awareness to our charity. We would be eternally grateful for the support from your event.


Make a Donation

Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated. They offset the costs of our Veterans Program and our BacPacs for Kids Program. Without your donations we can not supply the children with back packs FILLED with school supplies and we are not able to continue our programs that help to transition our soldiers from military to civilian life.

  • Sponsor a Vet – The vets program averages about $100 per person. The class and supplies are free to veterans.
  • Sponsor a Back Packer – A complete back pack averages about $30.
  • Holiday Tribute – Donate in honor of a special person.
  • Birthday Gifts – Donate in honor of a special person’s birthday.


Sponsor a Veteran

Through our transitioning program our Veterans can learn to set goals and realize the skills that are needed to acheive a successful transition. This takes place through our project management course which focuses on Leadership, Communication and Planning. This program is so vital for these men and women to realize the value their service and sacrifice have done on our behalf.

The cost to provide each veteran training in this course would average $100. This course is FREE to each veteran who makes the commitment to attend the training. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. The cost covers the materials necessary for the class. The trainers graciously donate their time and energy to support our veterans.


Sponsor a BacPac’r

Black Diamond Charities collects pacs and fills them with basic supplies such as: crayons, pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, and so on. With family and friends these packs are then distrubuted to those students in need. A small note of encouragement will be included in the pack. Our pacs will to go Illinois, North Carolina and Florida this year.

Each pac costs about $30. Won’t you consider sponsoring a BacPac or two with Black Diamond Charities. The kids could be a child of a sick parent, a neighbor who lost his job, a single parent, a child of our Military Men and Women, a family member of your own. Please won’t you help!


Kids Helping Kids – How we can teach our children to help others

Our children need to learn the importance of helping others. Let them begin by helping to spread the word about how many children NEED back packs for school.

Talk to your Student Councils, Brownies, GirlScouts, Boy Scouts, about collecting school supplies for those in need. Let them feel good about helping others.


Volunteer Your Time – Come and Spend a Bit of Time With Us

We need your help in:

  • Packing Backpacks
  • Donating School Supplies
  • Writing Notes of Encouragement to “Our Children” to be Placed in each BacPac
  • Writing Notes of Thanks to “Our Veterans”
  • Spreading the word about Black Diamond Charities


Zealous Good Wishlist

Zealous Good connects people with items to donate with the local charities that need them most.

Step 1: Click the Zealous Good Button at the right hand side of this page. Tell us what you want to donate. Fill out a brief form describing what you want to donate and if you can drop off the donation at the charity or if it needs to be picked up.

Step 2: We find out what charities need it. We reach out to charities that are interested in the type of good or service you are donating and find out if they have the current need and availability to receive the donation.

Step 3: Pick the charity for your donation and schedule the drop off or pick up. We email you when charities request your item. You can choose your preferred charity. We provide the information to schedule the donation drop off or pick up directly with the charity.

Step 4: Donate and feel good – you made a difference! Before you know it, you have helped a charity in need by donating your items! Who knew it was this easy to do good?

*Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you’re at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.